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Terrington Village Hall
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Village Hall
YO60 6PZ
Hire Charges (with effect from 1st April 2024)

STANDARD USE (ie. booked by the hour) HOURLY RATE
Main Hall - any time (max. capacity of 250 standing, 150 seated) £12
Wimbush Room - any time (max. capacity of 55 standing, 45 seated) £8
Lounge Bar - any time (max. capacity of 35 seated) £8
Tennis Courts - during periods not otherwise advertised as being available free of charge £6 per court
EXTENDED USE (typically Friday 12 noon to Sunday 12 noon (e.g. Wedding Receptions)) ONE TIME CHARGE
Exclusive use of Village Hall building and facilities – village resident (£100 deposit required) £750
Exclusive use of Village Hall building and facilities – non-village resident (£100 deposit required) £950
Shower Block £12 per day
Camping Overnight {50% concession for D of E, School & the Scouts} £12 per pitch per night
TAKE AWAY HIRE CHARGES (breakages to be paid for, all take-away hire charges are for up to 1 week)
Hire of staging (one full set) £60 Hire of cutlery £12 Hire of crockery £24
Hire of trestle tables £3 per table or £60 for all tables
Hire of wine tasting glasses £12 if private use. No charge if for a function open to village residents to attend
The playing field and play area are all for general, ad hoc use free of charge to residents and visitors for informal, non-commercial use. These facilities can be reserved by organisation, or for commercial use, with rates agreed by arrangement.
Minimum Bookings: Bookings are a minimum of 1 hour and in multiples of half-an-hour thereafter.
Setting Up & Setting Down: The rates allow for 15 mins either side of the booking for setup & set-down. If more is required, please book additional half-hours as required. It may be possible to allow a ‘gap’ between your booking and the setup and/or set-down if the facilities are not already booked. Such ‘gaps’ will not be charged for but the Village Hall reserves the right to request an additional payment if a potential hire has to be turned away that could otherwise have used the facilities.
Where the Village Hall Committee is required to do the setting up and setting down for a booking (eg. a funeral), a surcharge of £50 will be added to the booking fee. When this is applicable, it will be made clear in the Booking Form.
Booking Confirmation: Confirmation of the booking will be made on completion of the Booking Form.
Shared Facilities: All bookings include shared access to car park, kitchen and toilet facilities. If exclusive use for any of these is required, this can be requested on booking and an additional charge will be agreed depending on requirement.
Block Booking Discounts: Hirers making a commitment to 6 or more similar bookings over a 12 months period will be entitled to a discount of 10% on the charges stated above.
Licensable Activities (includes sale of alcohol, playing of live or recorded music, dance, showing of films):
  • If your booking involves the playing of live or recorded music, the showing of film, or the consumption of alcohol then permission must be obtained in writing as part of the booking process (via a completed Booking Agreement Form)
  • You may supply and sell your own alcohol by applying to North Yorkshire Council for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). The Council currently charges £21 for a TEN, and 10 clear working days are required when applying.
  • You may request to supply and sell your own alcohol under our Premises Licence (avoiding the need for a TEN). This is subject to approval by the Village Hall Committee and our Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). Approval will be conditional depending on the size and time of the event, history of hirer’s previous bookings, whether or not the hirer is a resident of Terrington, Wiganthorpe and Ganthorpe, and whether the hirer’s Responsible Person holds a Personal Licence
  • The Village Hall Committee reserves the right to require any hirer to obtain a TEN
Car Parking: A voluntary donation would be appreciated in the honesty box on the outside wall of the building.
To book the village hall, either email, call Dave on 01653 648394 or use the Booking Form page.