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Booking Form
To book any of the facilities in advance, you can either:
To book the tennis & pickleball courts for use today, or to get the PIN today for a session already booked, please use this link.
Please fill in all sections, thank you.
Event Details
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Organisation (if applicable):
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Minimum booking is 1 hour. Book in half-hour multiples beyond that. A 15 minutes allowance for set up and set down time is provided for either side of your booking. If you need more setup / setdown time than this then please .book additional half-hours as required.
Frequency of Booking (OneOff, Weekly)
Note: A 10% discount will be applied if a commitment is given to 6 or more similar bookings in the next 12 months
Facilities Required:
Wimbush Room 
Lounge Bar 
Main Hall 
Changing Rooms 
Tennis Courts 
Exclusive use of all of the Village Hall facilities       
Alchohol: Please select the statement that most closely matches your event.
There will be no alcohol supplied or consumed as part of our booking.
Alcohol will be consumed but not sold (see #7 of Conditions of Hire for legal interpretation of "sold").
We will sell our own alcohol and we will obtain a T.E.N. from Ryedale District Council (see #7 of Conditions of Hire).
We will sell our own alcohol and wish to apply to use the Village Hall's Premises Licence (see #7 of Conditions of Hire).
Additional Questions
The booking will involve the playing of live or recorded music or the showing of a film.
The event will involve a bouncy castle or other feature listed in section 10 of the Conditions of Hire.
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Data Privacy: The information you supply in this form will only be used for the purposes of processing your booking request and subsequently invoicing for payment. To comply with financial audit requirements, the data will be retained as a record for six years from the end of the financial year in which the invoice was settled. We will not share the data with any third parties.