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John Goodwill Retires

To show their affection and appreciation a Village-wide collection was held followed by a presentation on Friday evening during the opening event in the Terrington Feast programme.

Born in Terrington, where he was brought up, John left as a young man to serve Queen and Country. After his National Service, John returned to Terrington and in 1967 he stood for public office forcing an election of Parish Councillors, for the first time in nearly 30 years. He's been on Terrington Parish Council ever since and has instigated many changes, some even before taking the Chair. The first perhaps, was the clearance and renovation of the oddly named Plump, a tree-covered stone enclosed mound on the Green. A beautiful avenue of trees beyond Little Terrington is also a testimony to John's work.
Keen to be involved in anything that needed to be done from bulb planting, tree cutting, railing painting, John has demonstrated his leadership skills as well as being a real doer and genuine team player. His experience in so many matters to do with the Parish, more than just this village, is probably without equal and he was instrumental in the acquisition of land and building of the highly acclaimed modern Village Hall. So when the recent elections loomed and John said he was going to stand down and retire, not just as Chairman but from the Parish Council, after only 44 years, it was a bit of a blow.