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Matt Brash

"Matt's new stage show is packed with funny, fascinating insights into life as a TV zoo vet - even dealing with angry Polar bears and how to spey your own lion on the kitchen table!"

Matt Brash is the popular "Zoo Vet at Large" star of the long running ITV series. As a specialist Zoo and Wildlife vet Matt has seen it all. If you enjoyed his book "Zoo Vet" you will love his forthcoming talk "It's Vets Life". Whilst being light and entertaining, Matt's talk also touches upon the more serious side of zoos, of conservation and how Matt, as a zoo vet is involved.
This show is a funny romp through the trials and tribulations of a modern 21st century James Herriot. The talk covers tales of success and woe when working with the fiercer creatures around.
Matt presents with a series of images showing his work with zoo animals - spaying a lion, castrating a hippo, foot work on Oryx and much more. This is mixed with tales of the problems associated with working with these animals.