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LIAM's Acoustic Club - Gracie Falls

"I was massively impressed with Gracie. She has one of those really lovely angelic voices and the whole audience was rapt with her, you could've heard a pin drop at certain times...her voice just rang out across the wood. I just stood there completely transfixed by that..." Bob Harris, BB Radio 2.

Gracie's 3 words to describe her music are "emotive, unique, relatable". And to describe herself: "bubbly, passionate and headstrong". There are many more positive words to describe her; confident, friendly, professional, driven and down to earth being just a few. And of course incredibly talented. Her music is poignant and her lyrics engaging. Her songs will linger in your mind long after they've finished.
Gracie likes all kind of music and grew up listening to everything, but she does swing towards Country and this has influenced her a lot. Her mother used to play it to her and her father played Led Zeppelin. Gracie has toured in America and has been to Nashville and loves it. The first music she learned to play on the guitar was written by Jewel who is also a great inspiration.